Optimized Energy Conversion Systems
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Current Students



임홍영 (Email: hlim1@hanonsystems.com)

연구분야: Automotive micro-heat exchanger 


석박 통합과정 7학기

오진우 (Email: squuuidoh@korea.ac.kr)


Furnace CFD simulation, Expander modeling, ORC experiment

연구분야: Numerical study of the application of organic Rankine cycle in cascade utilization for district heating and cooling 


석박 통합과정 6학기 

정유준 (Email: 2017010464@korea.ac.kr)


Building, CHP, WSHP, LCCP, Renewable

연구분야: Environmental impact assessment using LCCP of water source heat pump and air source heat pump 


석박 통합과정 6학기

한욱민 (Email: castle1992@korea.ac.kr)


Battery thermal managment, Polymer heat exchanger CFD

연구분야: Research and design of battery thermal management system using integrated phase change heat transfer package 


석박 통합과정 4학기

장재혁 (Email: jae3283@korea.ac.kr)


Furnace CFD simulation

연구분야: Thermal analysis of hot stamping heating furnace 


석사과정 4학기

김준범 (Email: rlawns0102@korea.ac.kr)


Building, Polygeneration, System optimization

연구분야: Optimization of dynamic poly-generation system and evaluation of system performances in building application 


석사과정 2학기

정호영 (Email: ghdud8549@korea.ac.kr)


Boiling heat transfer, PHX modeling, ORC experiment

연구분야: Heat transfer characteristics of plate heat exchanger for ORC application  


석사과정 2학기

강희승 (Email: lockhs@korea.ac.kr)


Battery thermal management, Polymer heat exchanger CFD

연구분야: Optimization of high efficiency polymer heat exchanger using additive manufacturing method 


석사과정 2학기

김수환 (Email: tnghks7718@korea.ac.kr)


Vapor injection, Fuel cell thermal management

연구분야: Heat pump system for cold start in automotive fuel cell systems 


석사과정 1학기

오택인 (Email: xordls95@korea.ac.kr)

Keyword: Battery thermal management

연구분야: Research and development of optimized ESS battery thermal management system according to the environmental condition